Dear Android Browser, why do you hate my Website?

So, for some reason I cannot see the stark beauty that is from my otherwise mostly wonderful Galaxy Nexus. (Don't get me started on requiring MTP instead of just acting as a USB drive.) Well, unless I use Chrome, that is. In Browser the page starts loading, progress proceeds in about 1/10th of the way and then everything stops and I get a nice blank screen. I tried the trick of putting


into the URL bar. It came back as


Which is totally consistent with what I was seeing. When I shared the page with View Web Source, however, the entire source code was there. So the page was properly downloaded, it just won't render.

To make things even weirder, it's only the real pages that won't show up. Any 404s load fine. Despite the underlying HTML for both being basically identical. Saved as the same charset, loading the same stylesheet, hell the 404 template was created by copying and pasting the page template. There shouldn't be any differences at all. Although maybe one file has a Unicode BOM and the other doesn't. That would be hard to see.

And to make things weirder still, my old HTC Aria running Cyanogen Mod 7, and my Transformer TF101 running ICS both have no problems. So maybe the bug is in Jelly Bean? There's a firmware upgrade for the TF101 I haven't installed yet - likely to upgrade to Jelly Bean. When I get the battery recharged enough I guess I'll apply it and see.

Update: My coworker also has a phone running Jelly Bean. Same problem. So I've reported this as a bug. And for some reason the next time I tried the javascript URL trick, I got nothing.