Is it time to start blogging?

When I first decided to get myself a personal domain name, back in 2006 I went with something that was "short, easy to pronouce, and means nothing". The same principals used by George Eastman in naming Kodak. Notably "easy to spell" wasn't in the list, and Web 2.0 was currently all the rage, so I went with flergl. Easy to pronounce, and even easier to misspell. I set up a very basic page with the intention of setting up a Ruby on Rails site whenever I figured out what I might want to do with it. As it turned out, I never did figure out a product worthy of the name. So I more-or-less abandoned things. Sure, I kept paying for the domain, and kept my hosting up-to-date, but mainly so I could give out an email address when I felt like using something other than gmail or hotmail.

Maybe I'll make some use of it now.